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Dead Inside

Übersetzung im Kontext von „dead inside“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I just assumed you were dead inside. Übersetzung im Kontext von „I'm dead inside“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I'm emotionally remote, and people think I'm dead inside. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für dead inside im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). low cost capillary membrane systems operated in submerse or in dead end / inside-out mode appear quite promising to overcome these limitations. Dead Inside - Dead Inside: Musik.

dead inside

Dead Inside - Dead Inside: Musik. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für dead inside im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). Dead Inside Notebook: Notizbuch mit den Abmessungen 6 x 9 - leere Seiten mit punktierten Innendesign ideal als Tagebuch oder für deine Notizen. wie.

Since yesterday i decided to connect with my inner self how do i make those decision is beyond my control, my mental shook a lot.

Its getting better, but its hard. Its like crawling out of mud that keep sucking you down. And i often feel absorbed to my surroundings that i cant take myself back.

Im writing this with a little sanity that is running right now. A little. Hope it adds up day by day. Maybe this inner self is what the world call as God?

Whatever it is, im working really hard on this. Hope this could help those who experience the same thing that we cant even describe or understand it fully.

Hi Vin, Just wanted to thank you for sharing and may I say I know exactly how you feel. This is currently what is happening in my life and has been happening for some time.

I never knew life could get you in such a way… just like you describe, its like loosing your sanity, loosing your way and it especially hits hard when you mention the shaking.

I experience it too, combined with severe anxiety and panic. You describe it so well when you say that it is almost impossible to describe or understand.

The hard part is that our subconscious mind holds a lot of answers, but usually there is also a lot of blockages that is hard to access in the subconscious….

Again, thanks for sharing I hope one day we will see our light spring through the cracks. Thank you for this. I can see how backtracking to the cause of the feeling can help to get to the root of the problem so you can process it and move forward.

So, again, thank you. I was thinking the same thing at first! But then I realized there have been times I did feel optimistic and I did feel joy.

I also usually felt a sense of dread in the background of my mind but I was able to silence it or hush it and somehow pursue my goals and live my life with some enthusiasm.

But there came a point in the past few years when that became impossible because it seemed like the hits kept on coming…one after the other and my life started unraveling.

I never had time to process them and get back on solid ground. I think there must be a difference between feeling chronically dead inside and feeling dead inside because you need to heal from some trauma.

Those guys are my age or older and, there they are, rocking it out every night to sold out stadiums.

Everything in my life feels so rote, so lather-rinse-repeat. It makes so much sense. For some, there an event like the loss of a loved one, but for most it goes back to childhood and how we were raised.

I would bet that most ppl that feel dead were not raised in an emotionally intelligent home where emotions were expressed frequently and encouraged.

This is why we cannot feel. Expressing your emotions is actually a skill you can learn. The author has you start by sitting quietly by yourself 3 times a day.

You ask yourself how you feel. This is harder than it sounds. Once you identify how you feel, you ask yourself why you feel that way.

No judgement. Have things changed for you at all, over the past few days or weeks? I hope you found a bright spot or even a person that helps lighten the feeling of being dead inside.

He says it helps him to stay as busy as possible, because it distracts him from the deadened feelings. I want to help him. I have always felt dead inside; I cannot remember a time when I did not.

I have tried talking about my story in the past, but nobody cared enough to do more than offer banalities.

Not helpful. Now there is no one left to whom to tell my story. I have no loved ones, no friends beyond acquaintances, no family.

Thinking they actually care is like thinking the prostitute really loves you. I hate working, I hate interacting with people, I pretty much hate everything.

The only thing that keeps me from taking my own life is cowardice; if I could find a quick, painless, foolproof method I would surely take it.

And why not? Your breezy advice is well intentioned but utterly useless. It can help you. Get a new therapist bc the one you have seems to suck.

May Hod bless you. Ive felt dead for about 20 years. Brief moments of life when remarried… he died of protate cancer… then fell in love with narcissist….

I am Im broke mentally , i just want this life to end. Im in college and im supposed to study but i cant focus on studies..

Im weak physically also. My mom wants me to join some dance class or something else but i dont want to do anything like that.

I dont ever go oustside just stay at home everyday and attend college two or three days a week. I dont want to live but i cant kill myself.

A — I feel for you. I just wanted you to know that I said a prayer for you. Try to take one day at a time, one step at a time and just get through today.

I have twin girls 38 yesterday. One is an angry alcholic and one married a Brit and lives in england. Neither one has been that nice to me since teenage with difficult persinalities.

They were catered to and im sure me and their dad made that mistake. The one in england is thoughtful and stable but the one here is unstable.

Needless to say the one in england cut ties w her alcholic sister and has a happy family in england. The heartache is she lives there with no regard how painful our loss is grandson 3 who will miss having loving grandparents.

The one here has had 2 divorces. I have the one granddaughter here who i am very close to. I feel like shes all i got out of this deal as both girls have broken my heart.

One w her alcoholic and unstable mean behavior christmas she was drunk and told us to get the F out of her house and life so we did.

My incredible pain is i feel so cheated out of family. I wouldve never chosen children had i known this was what id get for a family.

Nobody can believe me and my husband who are giving caring loving people wkuld be so poorly treated or cast aside.

Thank God i have my devoted wonderful husband dogs friends church…many other blessings. So when everyone talks about their wonderful families….

I pushed everyone away due to deep depression. So yeH, I pretty much want to die. Everyone leaves me and forgets about me.

Life is getting worst and days are getting cloudier, grayer and even darker. I have bullies and life gets me down every day.

I am invited nowhere and I feel empty, but somehow full. I feel like I am not able to breath and I ak silenty crying all day.

I feel that I am worthless and my existence is pointless. I used to feel like this before and I thought I cured myself but now, once again, here I am one more time.

I have concidered suicide before and I had serious eating disorters. I was becoming anorexic and had an attempt to turn bolimic.

Now I have gone to over-eating and depression is only getting worst. I ak detached, lonely, sad, and every day I am wondering why I wake up every morning and I feel like dying.

I am helpless. I lost confidence in myself years ago when I was in college. I got hooked on opioids and dated a girl for over 2 years in college as I got hooked.

I used her to cope with the feelings of knowing I was a drug addict. Then we broke up and I graduated supposed to be best times of our lives I was starting to resent college although if I knew how crappy my life would be years later I would have tried to enjoy it more.

I am trying to heal from psychological and emotional abuse from my husband of 50 years. I am in counseling but I have days when all the insidious things come flooding back.

My advice is when you feel dead inside you have to let go everything all your secrets and bad things. You have to admit to yourself and to god so you can be forgiven.

Go to church, you can always find and feel alive there. It hurts a lot feeling dead no seeing anyone and you feel nothing inside.

I have to start telling everything to my family and god so they can help me get out of the darkness. Even if my parents hate me, I still have to tell them the truth.

To get out the darkness and to be better I have to be better and not do bad things. I want to feel alive and be alive.

Find ways to clear the noise and clutter of unhealthy attachments, bad relationships, unhappy people. Listen for the still small voice of God — He is speaking all the time, but you have to be quiet so you can hear the Roar of Something Greater.

Hi I am 23 years old and I am a engineering student. I am good at almost everything sports,studies but still I feel that something is missing from my life.

Tried many things even doctors think that nothing is wrong but still I feel like a dead person. Hi Laurie, thank you for been there! I broke up with my partner of 5 years, when we met it was like a light had gone on , we hsd so much in common and as time went on I knew this is what love is.

I had been single for 6 yrs and he always used to say it was fate that we met, we were very close. Unbelievable he cheated on me and I found this out on Facebook of all places.

I had to finally block his number because he was making me ill. Ive also found out from other people that he has lied to me time after time.

Do you honestly believe going no-contact at all is the best thing for me to do. So happy when I talk to him — because he feels so guilty, he is always nice to me and says that he will always love me.

Please keep helping me. Thank you for being here! Seeing a psychologist is a great way to start working through your grief — and even learning how to come alive when you feel dead inside!

Take heart! You WILL move forward in your life. You will re-establish your identity, and find ways to Blossom into the woman God created you to be.

This is when you need to hang tight and hold on to your faith. I do feel very flat, down and depressed. Very lost after my husband leaving me for another woman and a different life after 32 years of a really good marriage.

I am still broken hearted after 12 months and feel like I am slowly getting worse. I am 49 and burnt out. I worked in human services for over 20 years; have a masters in counseling.

I have friends and a family but no boyfriend or serious love in years. I have to go back to work soon but feel overwhelmed, sick and very depressed.

Insomnia and gaining weight no matter what I eat or exercise; feel hopeless about the future but suicide is not an option because I am the sole adult in state and my father has severe dementia and a older wife.

Thank you for sharing this list with me, Sara! I love it — your life really is filled with joy and purpose. I love a lot of the same things you do, especially learning and travel.

My favorite thing to do is go to a conference in a new city or country. The biggest thing that makes me feel alive is God. He really is the source of all light, life, love, joy, peace and freedom…and I never feel more joy than when I connect with Him.

Hello Laurie, For years I have been struggling with these things. And I was scared to tell anyone how I really felt. I read your post and it is true.

I have done the list. It made me feel so much better and I did feel alive after I started to think about what you wrote and those things that bring me to life, give me joy and purpose.

I will keep these as reminders. I used to love meditating and connecting with G-d and still do it at times.

I loved when I went to Israel and want to go again. I am Sephardic Jewish but, secular in religion not strict 2. I used to love drawing 3.

I used to love playing guitar and at times piano. I love listening to music 5. I love spending time with my boyfriend, as long as we are connecting, having intellectual conversations, sharing new ideas… 6.

I love when my niece hugs me and hugging her 7. I love spending time with my friends and family 8. I love learning 9.

I love watching the Net Geo, and history I love to travel I love helping others that are grateful, appreciative I love making a difference in this world and contributing to the solution, helping the less fortunate, the homeless, rejected.

Thank you for sharing your story here. The best way to find yourself again — and to come alive when you feel dead inside!

When I feel like life is crushing me and deadening my soul, I take time to remember what once filled me with joy, excitement, and exuberance.

I find connecting with God to be the most powerful way to come back to myself. He is the engine of the universe, the underlying hum that keeps us all going.

God is the source of all life, love, energy, and freedom. God created you for a purpose, and He loves you deeply. Your job is to accept His love and listen for His still small voice.

Who did He create you to be, Mary? What personality traits and strengths and gifts has He given you? You will find yourself when you pursue the things you love in life.

Your first step is to make a list of 10 things you love to do, things that bring you life and meaning and joy and purpose.

You actually already listed a few things in your original comment. You and he are in a marriage dance — and you are participating equally.

How would it feel to stop dancing with him? After 20 yrs of marriage, faithful the entire time even when he was addicted to alcohol and being verbally and physically abusive towards me, you would think he would trust me.

In high school it was normall for me to stay at one of my guy friends house for the night… Nothing ever happened. He is more of a hermit, unless he goes with me.

I guess finally something something snapped. I buryed my personality to the point I feel dead inside. I barely leave my room.

I have no idea how to resurrect myself. What have you done so far, to pull yourself out of the black hole of depression that you feel? Different things work for different people, and you may need to keep experimenting with different types of solutions until you find what works for you.

Have you talked to a doctor or counselor about your feelings of depression? That may be the first and best place to start….

What friends or family members can help you pull through this? It can seem easy to give up when you feel dead inside, but stay hopeful.

Know that you CAN get through this if you keep pushing forwards. Find sources of energy that are helpful and strong, and remember that you were created for a purpose.

Your job is to find that purpose, and live with meaning and joy in your life…. I have to run for the overnight train to Hanoi — have you tried traveling as a method to come alive again??

Just to follow up on that i just really have a blackhole of depression in my chest. I feel dead inside about everything in every situation.

I know my father might have or have not caused this with a vindictive motive towards me but either way it happened and i know i need to get myself out of this situation…i just hope i can do it, i think about giving up everyday.

I dont have a car and i know the only way i can get a new job and be able to pay rent is with a car, but i gotta pay rent every month therefore i must keep working for my dad and its just gonna be so hard and take so much energy to save enough money for a vehicle and insurance and all that.

And feeling like this everyday just makes it that much harder. Im 29 now and i cant seem to connect or have any feelings in everyday situations that normal people do.

I feel like i have no soul i feel really empty always. I have really bad thoughts about how to end it. I just dont want to affect the people i love.

I believe that with my negative feelings and the non ability to connect or feel with other people will rub off on them.

I cant even put it into words when they ask me whats wrong, i always just play it off like nothings wrong. Its come to a point where i think im being fake to everyone all the time.

Im ruining every relationship with family and freinds ive ever had just by not being able to feel emotions when im with them.

Ive turned to drugs to fill the void and thats gotten pretty bad. I cant seem to make myself do anything about it. I have no money for a psychiatrist or anti depression drugs.

Ive been working with my dad for years now and i have such anger and resentment built up towards him, i honestly feel he is the reason for all of this.

I used to be filled with excitemnt and people really liked to be around me,i was always happy and had alot of freinds and i truley believe he was angry about this becuase he was never a people person and let people walk all over him.

I dont know if im just crazy or if its a real thing. The things he has done are subtle but very vindictive and very noticeable to me that he was intentionally trying to bring me down mentally and emotionally.

I just wrote this comment to get this stuff off my chest becuase ive never told anyone this stuff, i would never tell my brother or anyone else because my dad acts completely different around them.

But its gotten to a point where hes literally killed my soul and has brought me down to his level. Im stuck working for him and cant seem to muster up enough energy to get myself out of this pit of misery.

Hi i had the exact same situation with my grandmother and my mother. In our family it was a narcissistic disorder. Most people assume narcissism means you are in love with yourself but that is not what it is.

It means you are desperate to maintain a fake appearance that other people will love. The only way he can continue to be superior to you is to either continue screwing with your finances, keeping you dependent on him, paying you very little while criticizing you and making you too numb to fight back or leave.

You see. My 1 suggestion to you, is this. I am actually trying to get rid of my car. I started using a bicycle and it is x better than owning a car.

I am a dog lover and I read about this experiment in a psychology book, it makes me sad they did this to a dog but I felt the truth in it then.

You must break free. There is great value in returning to simplicity, I feel. BTW I also now develop solar powered appliances and work from my home.

I think you will understand why. Solar power is free energy, free power, free life from the sun. The sun is out, like clockwork, providing unconditionally, the one thing in life that is so utterly reliable the watch was invented because of it.

The sun is everything my parents were not. I build heaters and ovens that run on the heat from the sun, and use no electricity.

I am tired of being dependent on abusive people, and by extension utility companies, bills. Perhaps you could consider a green career.

But for you, step one is to believe yourself and recognize it is not your fault. The abuse is real.

Then find a way to free yourself, a little bit. One little bit of freedom leads to another. Dump your family as soon as you can believe it or not, co-dependency is the other side of the coin of narcissism.

So once you are gone and doing well on your own, they will come begging you to come back and spend time with them, in other words, to trap you back into the cycle of being the stepped-on kid, to act like all of your reasons for avoiding them are selfish and crazy, and guilt trip you privately.

Because your success is all due to their wonderful parenting skills, right? Really, they just want to use you to put their other brothers and sisters down for having fat, dependent kids.

This happened to me. Be real careful about that. Face what you are feeling, and dump the drugs. Question whether being around toxic dad is driving you to suicide — not overtly, but slowly via drugs and alcohol.

Dump the dad, dump the drugs, both are self-sabotaging to have in your life. Ok sorry this was really long, but I identified so much with your story.

Good luck. My ex husband tried to kill me with a butcher knife and two of my now ex sisters said i deserved what he had done to me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts they are all so true. But I promise you can heal from this, and it does not have to take years.

He Michael, you are giving your dad waaay to much power. It is up to you to disconnect, really. He is just another human being who makes mistakes.

You need to do all you can to become independent of him. It is a well known fact that among toxic people could be our relatives too.

You need to leave. I can remember feeling this way sometimes when I was a child and not being able to describe it.

I think it is because while aloneness is painful, togetherness is terrifying, and the sheer panic I associate with connection stops me in my tracks a lot of the time.

You may want to read up on it…. Have you heard about power of attractiveness. You get what you desire, if you feel you will be alone thats exactly what you get.

Think about something that you desire most and universe will use it power to give it to you. I would say if you want love, have pictures on your home that describes love, be aroung things that is love for you.

Love has many forms, nature is one of them who does not ask anything in return. You can start with it. I hope you find a way. It takes a lot of courage and strength to talk about how you feel.

When I feel totally overwhelmed — and dead inside — I find it helpful to get away. A weekend or week away would be awesome, but even just an hour or two by myself is what I need.

It helps to take a step back from the situation, and see it with a more objective perspective. The other thing I do is write in my journal.

I write everything and anything that comes to mind! Just spill my guts…it helps me unload and vent. Once I get everything out of me, I can see my life more clearly.

I can make difficult decisions, and figure out how to move forward. Once it became part of me, it was like no going back.

Nothing can motivate me to even GET out of bed. The bad thing, I am lucky for what I have. I feel like mine was a slow, gradual disappointment in how people around me in general are behaving and acting.

I just want to sleep, and be left alone, but at the same time, I want to be the same happy, vivacious, energetic person I USE to be before I wake up before that, I just make myself stay in bed and fall back asleep.

On the outside my life is one I think most would consider blessed. I feel this way. My partner verbally attacks to bring me down and makes me feel as if its my fault it happening.

It took me about 2 years to get the courage to make my emotional abuser leave. I chose my sanity. Thank goodness I still had some will to live and a little strength left in me.

But it was essential I got him out of my life to try to begin to move forward. I was surprised at my sense of relief.

In 4 months, I have not once ever regretted my decision or second-guess myself. Over a year ago my children and I moved. We left behind everything.

The man with whom I had been living was having numerous affairs, he went back to using drugs, and was killed in a car accident. I got my children situated at school, found a place to live, and a job.

I am an alcoholic, so I started going to meetings. I began a friendship with a man. It was easy to talk with him. He did not initiate sex, but just would hold me.

I met a woman who became my best friend. Our children all play together; she is dovircrd, too. She has become like family. Although my best friend tells me there will never be anything between her and the man I like, I have been consumed with jealousy.

It has affected my relationship with my best friend. I go to church and go to shall group. I still feel abandoned and alone.

I continue to pray for God to heal me. I feel extremely tired. I continuously going around this sickening vicious cycle of verbally abuse with my partner.

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In part because although the main character in theory is Maggie, as she is the detective, I found I was reading more about Lucy, and getting to know her the best out of the whole myriad of characters.

Noelle Holten is definitely a rising star in terms of crime books, and I honestly can't wait for book two to be released, to be able to hopefully jump straight in and feel at home with the writing, and some of the characters at least.

Thank you to Killer Reads and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. View all 6 comments.

Apr 06, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I seriously can not believe that this is the authors debut novel!

This is the first book in the DC Maggie Jamieson crime series. What a way to start a series off! Whilst it is a series featuring Maggie and her team, the main character in this story is Lucy.

Due to the story line dealing with domestic a Wow! Due to the story line dealing with domestic abuse, some parts do make for uncomfortable reading but it also makes for a compelling read.

There is vast amount of characters and this just goes to show how talented the author is as not even once did I feel overwhelmed with how many there are and trying to remember their part in the story.

Every one of them plays a very important role and I really hope to see some of them again throughout the series. The story starts off with a prologue that grabbed me straight away.

It carries on flowing effortlessly so that I was totally wrapped up in what was happening in the story and totally oblivious to what was going on in the real world.

Dead Inside is an impressive debut that had me hooked from the first to the last page. It is a powerful and hard hitting story that shows the inside of the victims and abusers minds.

It made me go through an array of emotions, though mainly anger at the abusers and sadness for what the victims were going through. This really is a great start to a brand spanking new series of which I am a huge fan of already.

All the stars for this one and will be counting down the days until the next one is out. From the shocking and disturbing prologue I knew this was one of those books I would get so caught up in, and god help anyone who disturbed me whilst I was reading it.

Domestic abuse is not the easiest sub From the shocking and disturbing prologue I knew this was one of those books I would get so caught up in, and god help anyone who disturbed me whilst I was reading it.

Domestic abuse is not the easiest subject to write about, how do you convey the emotions, the abuse without overstepping the mark?

You will feel their emotions, their despair and their anger, you need to read on as your desperate for at least a couple of the characters to find an escape from their very unhappy and violent relationships.

I thought this book was original as not only do you get the POV of the abused and the abusers but also the many agencies who are involved, supporting the victims and in some case their perpetrators.

As I mentioned this is part crime thriller, and again the author keeps you riveted to the pages, as crimes are committed and the suspects mount, never giving away too much detail to spoil the read, at times the tension and suspense reached fever pitch.

There are a huge amount of fictional books that deal with domestic violence on the market, so what makes Dead a Inside any different? View 1 comment.

Aug 20, Robin Loves Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: july-september , mystery-thriller , netgalley , kindle , reviewathon , challenge , robin-loves-readingchallenge.

It is with bated breath that I attempt to write this review. As I was reading the pages of this book I felt like I was experiencing what I was reading, although nothing in this book has ever happened to me.

However, for some reason, I was amazingly affected by Dead Inside. How an author, a debut author at that, could pen words that could tear my soul apart is one I am honored to read.

I did have to take a break from reading for several hours. To say that this touched a cord with me is an und It is with bated breath that I attempt to write this review.

To say that this touched a cord with me is an understatement. I find this book by Noelle Holten to have two primary characters. For starters, it is the first book in the DC Maggie Jamieson series, so she is the first.

In addition, there is Lucy Sherwood, a probation officer who proved to be the catalyst for the story. Lucy works with violent domestic abusers with hopes of keeping them in line and away from their former victims.

She deals with some very rough men on a professional basis. However, it is what is happening in her private life that is a deep, dark and well-kept secret.

Her marriage is not what it seems, so Lucy is forced to have two personas, and manages to live this life for quite a long time.

With regard to Maggie, she has begun a new job in a newly formed unit. After dealing with a gruesome murder case, working with domestic situations might be a bit easier for her to deal with.

However, as she immediately begins her first case, it is that of a man violently murdered. In short order, other murders occur, and Maggie and her team have a difficult battle on their hands finding the killer before yet another person dies.

Meanwhile, things are happening with Lucy - and her awful husband Patrick - that begin to shed light on some awful scenarios.

As mentioned, Lucy's home life was a secret. None of her colleagues were aware of the horrors she was experiencing.

Ultimately, Lucy is faced with a murder charge. Has her job, and her personal life become too much?

Has she finally cracked? As mentioned, this story was intense. It was dark, haunting and heartbreaking. The fact remains that women experience the horrors of domestic violence each and every day.

I applaud Ms. Holten for writing such an effective story. As the book ends, readers are left eagerly anticipating the next book. May 31, Samantha Gonsalves rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley.

Dead Inside came highly recommended on Goodreads and after all the hype surrounding it, I succumbed to the temptation. This one of those books that will grab you by the first chapter and won't let you keep the book down, no matter the place or time.

It's that good! When three vicious wife-beaters are found brutally murdered, DC Maggie Jamieson a brilliant and diligent officer of the law Dead Inside came highly recommended on Goodreads and after all the hype surrounding it, I succumbed to the temptation.

When three vicious wife-beaters are found brutally murdered, DC Maggie Jamieson a brilliant and diligent officer of the law is faced with what is probably the toughest case of her career.

Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood — who is connected to all three victims — is hiding a dark secret. Then a fourth man is brutally murdered - Lucy's husband.

Will Maggie be able to catch the cold-blooded killer? Dead Inside provides a true and difficult-to-digest insight into victims of domestic violence..

Given that Noelle used to be a probation officer, the events in this book, while fiction, sound brutally honest.

The plot of this book is very clever; I couldn't guess who the murderer was in this ruthless cat-and-mouse game. All characters are well-defined and sound so realistic.

While, I did find that the number of characters that the story follows more than what I am comfortable with I found myself confused few times, at the start , I like how all of them pull their weight and contribute to the case.

In all, this was a fantastic read! Aug 16, Eva rated it really liked it. Behold Dead Inside, the debut crime novel from fellow blogger Noelle Holten, who as a former probation officer has put her years of experience to incredible use to come up with a dark and disturbing story of domestic abuse.

She has temporarily been transferred to another unit and is forced to hit the ground running when an unsuspecting member of the public finds a dead body in the park.

The victim was a convicted domestic abuse Behold Dead Inside, the debut crime novel from fellow blogger Noelle Holten, who as a former probation officer has put her years of experience to incredible use to come up with a dark and disturbing story of domestic abuse.

But this story is less about Maggie and more about Lucy Sherwood, a probation officer who deals with, well quite frankly, some serious scum of the earth.

Outside of work, Lucy has a secret and it may just land her in deep trouble. I must admit it took me a while to get to grips with a rather big cast of characters but once that happened, it was plain sailing all the way and this turned into quite the quickie read for me, helped along immensely by some short and snappy chapters.

As for the murder investigation, there was one part I figured out, although that may have just been a lucky guess. Nevertheless I felt immensely smug.

Dead Inside is a powerful debut. Extremely dark and gritty, with characters that will get under your skin, it tackles an immensely difficult topic but I dare say Noelle Holten did it sensitively and the inevitable violence required to make the story work is never gratuitous.

The ending perfectly sets the scene for the follow-up in this series and I have no doubt many a reader will be back for more from DC Maggie Jamieson.

Well played, Noelle, well played! Apr 25, Steph Lawrence rated it it was amazing. The first instalment in a new crime series is always exciting.

Fab debut and a refreshingly different angle for a crime book. She obviously knows the secrets of a good story.

Being a former probation officer the author has real life knowledge. The depth of the characters jumps out of the page. Some of the scenes are very gritty, so well described that I was cowering away.

There are lots of twists and turns in the plot, lots of suspicions, making it a real page-turner. This is a sure fire winner, I loved it and I look forward to the rest of the series.

View all 3 comments. Apr 07, Betty rated it it was amazing Shelves: from-netgalley , highly-recommended , arcs. Three men were murdered, and they all had two things in common: a history of domestic violence and Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood.

DC Maggie Jamieson and her team are in the midst of their investigation when Lucy's husband becomes the fourth victim.

Is it all a terrible coincidence, or is Lucy a killer? The team needs to solve these crimes, and soon I've had the pleasure of reading several unputdownable crime thrillers since I started book blogging, and I've Three men were murdered, and they all had two things in common: a history of domestic violence and Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood.

I've had the pleasure of reading several unputdownable crime thrillers since I started book blogging, and I've come to have high expectations for novels in this genre.

I want several characters who seem shady enough to be a viable suspect. I want to be shocked when something unexpected happens.

Most importantly, I want to be surprised when the killer is revealed. Holten's spectacular debut easily met all those expectations.

Dead Inside is a well written story told from multiple points of view, which I enjoyed because I like to get into the head of several characters.

Getting into the heads of the abusive men in the story was disturbing at times, but the realistic portrayal of them was necessary to the story, in this reader's opinion.

I was somewhat taken aback to find myself feeling a momentary glimmer of sympathy after reading one of the victims final thoughts. That is something I wouldn't have thought possible as he had done something pretty awful in a previous chapter.

I rarely feel anything other than disgust for such an unlikable character. For an author to make me feel compassion, instead, is quite impressive.

Well done. Very well done! The ending blew me away, knocked me off my feet, and now I'm dying to read book two of the series.

I can't wait to see what comes next for DC Jamieson! If you love crime thrillers and you're looking for a new author to read, I highly recommend this book I received an advance reading copy of this book courtesy of Killer Reads via Netgalley.

In the first in a new, exciting police procedural series, DC Maggie Jamieson finds herself at the centre of her most challenging case yet in which the line between good and evil is blurred adeptly.

The police are deeply suspicious that there is corruption within the probation service. They aren't sure how high it may go but they believe Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood, who has links to all four of the men found brutally murdered, is hiding a huge, dark secret.

So is Lucy really involved, and if In the first in a new, exciting police procedural series, DC Maggie Jamieson finds herself at the centre of her most challenging case yet in which the line between good and evil is blurred adeptly.

So is Lucy really involved, and if so, how? Can Maggie work it all out quick enough to stop a fifth victim being killed? This is a tense, race-against-the-clock and the subject at the centre of it — domestic violence — is tough to read about but the story importantly raises awareness of what many women have gone through or are going through.

It is treated sensitively and carefully. Given the author is a former probation officer herself it's safe to say that the parts about Lucy and procedure surrounding her job are set in fact.

To muddy the waters even more Lucy is herself a battered woman and is broken and vulnerable because of it.

It's a real page-turner, moves at a decent clip and the writing is very readable and easy to follow. My only slight issue was that there was a humongous cast of characters which could get confusing at the beginning but it also could be seen as a positive as it makes it impossible to predict the killer and those involved.

It's a compelling, emotional, dark and gritty read which I thoroughly enjoyed. May 04, Keith Nixon rated it it was amazing.

So, Noelle Holten's Dead Inside is supposed to be her debut. I'm not so sure about that. This is a polished, pacey and believable crime thriller that draws heavily on the author's 18 years in the probation industry giving the narrative real depth and structure.

The characters are strong, particularly the protagonist, Maggie. Although the subject matter is difficult - domestic abuse - it never feels grim and unending.

A confident start to a new series there's a 3 book deal announced now. And, Mr Ian Rankin himself no less, is a fan. If that's not enough to persuade you to pick up this book, I don't know what is Jun 09, Laura rated it it was amazing.

Book reviews on www. Although it features detectives and police, and various cases which were being investigated violent abusive men who've been murdered - is there a link?

This is in part because the characters felt so well fleshed out and very convincing, so I could feel myself completely sucked into the Book reviews on www.

This is in part because the characters felt so well fleshed out and very convincing, so I could feel myself completely sucked into the story, finishing this in no time at all.

Dead Inside is an easy, quick read in terms of language, because the plot and writing flows so well, but the subject matter gets pretty dark and disturbing at times; obviously it centers around abuse and violence within relationships, so this is to be expected, but some parts made me feel SO angry and indignant for the women who were abused - particularly Lucy who I really liked - that I felt myself wanting to scream at the men within its pages.

It takes some skilled writing to evoke such strong emotions, and I felt this demonstrated what a great writer Noelle is. I can't believe this is a debut novel, as I enjoyed it so much and would happily read many more - so I'm already looking forward to book number 2!

Addictive, compelling and definitely dark. May 08, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Three men are murdered, and they all have something in common, they both have history of domestic violence and they are all connected to Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood.

Lucy deals with domestic violence and is good at her job, but we learn that when she goes home, she suffers the same fate in the hands of her husband Patrick.

Wow what a debut novel this is. This is quality writing and is very realistic police procedural. It has a great plot with strong characters and very grim in parts.

I devoured every minute of it. Well done Miss Holten you are going to go far. Thank you NetGalley and Killer reads for a copy of this book.

Oct 01, Ruthy lavin rated it it was ok. That was the best thing about this book. I was able to pick it up and put it down as and when I could, without losing any momentum.

The story was solid but predictable, I had guessed who the perpetrator was as soon as they were introduced to the story less than midway through There were too many characters and this became boring.

May 09, Natalie M rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime. A reading experience I would put somewhere between a panic room and emotional breakdown!

This is such an intense domestic violence read that at times I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster; sheer nervousness with and for the characters.

Not for the faint-hearted and difficult to read in places as it seemed so accurate and definitely well-researched.

A far too real a portrayal for some readers I would imagine. Despite DC Maggie Jamieson appearing in the first of a series of novels as the p A reading experience I would put somewhere between a panic room and emotional breakdown!

Maggie is an interesting character and I will be reading Book Number Two but she is not the focus.

Thus, it is less criminal investigation and far more about the damage humans inflict on one another. Powerful, thought-provoking, at times dark and chilling, there is something very real about this novel.

Excellent debut by Noelle Holten. May 27, Julie Lacey rated it it was amazing. What a fantastic first book.

Maggie is on secondment and is soon involved in a murder case. Lucy is living her own nightmare as her husband is abusing her and she feels trapped.

Soon another body is found of a known domestic violence criminal and Maggie and the team try to tie the two deaths together. We also get an insi Wow!

Another body is discovered and the pressure is really on for the Police to find the killer, until another death provides them with the identity of the killer - or does it?

The story races to a conclusion and will have you on the edge of your seat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in this series.

Thanks to Killer Reads and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this brilliant book. Apr 13, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-reads , challenge.

This is interesting. A book I have been looking forward to reading from a long time from an author I know relatively well and someone whose journey from blogger to published author I have been following.

It makes it both a great and also scary prospect when you sit down to read as it becomes a question of what happens if you don't enjoy the story and, if I do, will people even believe what I have to say about the book anyway?

I could lie and say I've never heard of Noelle's blog, but bloggin So. I could lie and say I've never heard of Noelle's blog, but blogging is a very small world, made smaller by the power of social media, and to say we've never met would be a lie as the photographic evidence is there all over the tinterweb.

Well - thankfully I don't have to worry about the first half of that question as this is a book that had me hooked from the start, a book that I literally tore through finishing in a few hours.

With Dead Inside, Noelle Holten has created a world which brings together the many facets of a police investigation, and all of the agencies who are integral to solving crimes.

Many of them are typically overlooked in favour of the common or garden Police Detective, the lads and lasses with the warrant cards etc who do the digging, the plodding and the arresting and make life generally difficult for the bad guys.

There inclusion in Dead Inside adds a new and interesting perspective to the book, giving it a sense of authenticity which is then backed up by an entertaining and engrossing plot.

The basic premise is clear from the blurb, so I don't need to go far into the plot itself. Whilst this is billed as a Maggie Jamieson story, and Maggie, the main Detective in this novel, will join us throughout the series, this is really Lucy's story.

Lucy is a probation officer, one who has ties, sometimes tenuous, to domestic abusers and sex offenders, some of whom find themselves on the receiving end of some pretty rough, and ultimately deadly, justice.

Needless to say that despite her job and her links to the police, the commonality between the deceased and Lucy as their PO is just too obvious to be ignored.

But is Lucy a murderer or a victim? Well, you're going to have to read the book to find out. I really liked the way in which the author set up the characters in the book, particularly in creating the complex domestic situation which Lucy found herself in.

She has captured that feeling of isolation and resignation that defines so many victims of abuse, and the way in which an abuser can turn on a dime.

Charming to friends one minute, wielding his fists or his tongue the next to his spouse or partner. You could feel the helplessness, the sense of defeat which Lucy experienced, but also the ultimate strength she had within her to face these types of people every day in her job and not crumble.

This is where the author's own experience as a Probation Officer shines through as the scenes between Lucy and her assigned offenders, and also between Lucy and her colleagues, including the police, felt very real and believable.

And Lucy is a very human character, with all the typical flaws and attributes that we can recognise, including an overwhelming sense of protection for her husband's children.

Very noble, very sincere, very likely to be the cause of her undoing. There are a lot of characters to get to know in this book, many of them we will no doubt meet again in other investigations.

They were all diverse, capturing the true nature of people from all walks of life. Some were easy to like, Maggie and Lucy being chief amongst them.

Psychologist Kate Moloney was an interesting introduction to the team, but we're really only just getting to know her in book one so I'm intrigued to see how the character is developed in the following books.

Now there may be some very familiar names amongst the characters for some readers, but many are placed in very unfamiliar settings and situations so while it will likely make some people smile, there may be a few surprises in store for you too.

What I can say is that this book kept me turning pages all afternoon - I only stopped reading for a quick bite to eat - and in a year where I am struggling to focus on reading for more than a few minutes at a time, that is no small feat.

For me the author pitched this book just right. The author's love for all things crime fiction shines through in a compelling narrative, and I'm sure that it's just the first in what will be a very popular and successful series.

And if you want to get ahead of the curve then book two, Dead Wrong, is already available for pre-order. I personally can't wait to see what Maggie and co get up to next as the ending of this book promised something very exciting to come.

A compelling, wonderfully layered, entertaining and occasionally quite emotive story that crime fiction lovers are going to eat up.

Nice one Noelle. More please. As well as being an excellent shouter and promoter of books on all social media platforms,the wonderful Noelle Holton is a cracking good writer as well!

She is just so lush, a genuine and compassionate woman who goes all out to be the best she can be on a daily basis and inspires constantly.

She has skills aple As well as being an excellent shouter and promoter of books on all social media platforms,the wonderful Noelle Holton is a cracking good writer as well!

She teases the facts of the case out, taking a two pronged narrative then neatly dovetailing them together as her female protagonists take centre stage.

First you have Lucy, probation officer and abused wife of the odious, vile Patrick. She knows and is aware of every single trick that men use to control, manipulate and abuse the women in their lives yet she has ended up in exactly the same situation.

The sticking point for Lucy is that without her, Patrick's daughter , Siobhan, will be left unprotected and unsupported by either of her parents.

So Lucy deals with the nightmare at work and comes home to an even worse one. DI Maggie Jamieson comes into the story as the new detective on the block, having had a horrendous experience, hinted at in the beginning, which has left her with recurrent nightmares and PTSD.

Her new role plunges her into a violent murder on day one, but is this person's removal from this plane something that benefits society?

An abusive man who kept his partner in a state of terror when she wasn't in a hopsital bed, is this really a loss to society?

She lays bare the charming way that men inveigle themselves into your life, cut off your support, your safe spaces, your finances and use your children as a weapon against you.

She also shows great skill in getting you to think about the concept of justice-whilst so many would say that the world is a better place without them, don't these men deserve to be treated the same?

Are all murder victims created equal? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Noelle Holten.

Noelle Holten. Noelle Holten is an award-winning blogger at www. Noelle worked as a Senior Probation Officer for eighteen years, covering a variety of cases including those involving serious domestic abuse.

She has three Ho Noelle Holten is an award-winning blogger at www. Noelle's hobbies include reading, author-stalking and sharing the booklove via her blog.

Instagram: crimebookjunkie Other books in the series. DC Maggie Jamieson 3 books. Books by Noelle Holten.

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Muse - Dead Inside [Official Lyric Video] Tatsächlich fühlte ich mich innerlich tot. Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Ich bin emotional ferngesteuert und die Leute denken ich bin innerlich tot. I know just how you feel - dead inside. Ich bin innerlich totseit ich herausgefunden habe, dass dieser Vampir meine Eltern dead inside hat. But now I'm dead inside. Das spielt keine Rolle, im Inneren bin ich bereits tot. Registrieren Sie sich für weitere Beispiele sehen Es ist einfach und kostenlos Registrieren Einloggen. Please click for source I'm dead inside. Übersetzung See more Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Übersetzung für "dead inside" im Deutsch. Die click at this page Zeugin liegt tot in einem Parkhaus. Er ist am Leben, aber I went back to work at that helped a bit as Https:// was out the house but with Covid we are now working from home and not really allowed out all I have is my thoughts of her and how painful it is. Robin June 15, at am. Not only is the memoir insightful article source one particular kind of 'treatment' program that was tested on youth, but it is also read that stirs thoughts regarding opportunity and limits to for forgotten or hidden youth; learn more here abuse; as well the dangers inherent in labeling teens as 'bad' kids. When three vicious wife-beaters are found brutally murdered, DC Maggie Jamieson a brilliant and diligent officer of the law is faced with what dead inside probably the toughest case of her career. It was a read that shed light on a corruptness that lies margarita levieva of humanity, but also source that affected me too deeply for me to take away from this what I believe I was see more to. You race film charming have you tried to combat the feeling of being dead inside? I applaud Ms.

Dead Inside

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Muse - Dead Inside (Lyrics) Of course money. I am a 79 year old Christian widow. May 08, Michelle rated it it was amazing. San June 15, at am. Hullo people. Then my thanks. rechenschaft film casually body seems to feel weighted on dead inside like my body cannot. S Rios, I am having a good day today, but sadly understand your words. Just plan on pulling an all nighter and having a hell of a book hangover! Ever since my Uncle passed away seven years ago from cancer, I have felt dead inside. Brief moments of life when remarried… he died of protate cancer… then fell in article source with narcissist….

I absolutely adore the concept and the lore: the space, the monsters, the spaceship gone crazy, humorous lines here and there - I enjoyed playing the game!

The graphics are top hole! I especially enjoyed character animation while aiming. She is very cute btw! The spooks are nice, some of them got me really good!

They were well thought and sometimes even unexpected. There are some bugs here and there - you can see them in the video but the main issue is dissapearing of the loot falling from enemies that happens rarely, so it does not affect the gameplay.

In the dark parts it's really hard to navigate the main character. I would really like some lights during these moments just to see the way you are heading just like at the end - at the end it was very nice.

At the start you can go the wrong way so you will be left alone with a monster and without a gun.

Maybe that was not suppose to happen? Overall : I had a blast playing this game! At start, I didn't like the dark part playing it, but when I watched the vid, I realized that this part is actually awesome.

It creates such a sense of suspense and tension. During the whole game I was tense and ready for anything, still the game got me several times.

Maybe in the future adding some kind of voice acting would be nice or at least the sound of the text appearing - maybe that could be a nice addition.

Looks like the Dead Space games inspired the 3 green glowing back light on the character, from the few screenshots to the right on here show.

Like us on Facebook! About Don't Dead Open Inside is a trope which involves incorrect interpretation of various writings and labels which include two or more lines of text and have no clear way to tell the order in which the words should be read.

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Entdecken Sie Dead Inside von Muse bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'dead inside' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache. Dead inside., Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland. Gefällt Mal. me. Dead Inside Club. **SHIPS WORLDWIDE**. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your support! Kunden, die diesen Artikel kauften, kauften auch. Dead Inside Notebook: Notizbuch mit den Abmessungen 6 x 9 - leere Seiten mit punktierten Innendesign ideal als Tagebuch oder für deine Notizen. wie. Weil ich innerlich tod bin. Just visit web page me how to be dead inside! Genau: Ganz schick, aber innerlich tot. Genau: Beispiele für die Übersetzung ich bin innerlich tot ansehen 4 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Ich fühl mich leer. Ich kann nicht schreiben. I know just how you feel - dead inside. He can learn go here it is to be dead inside.

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