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Severus Snape ist eine fiktive Figur in der Harry-Potter-Serie von J. K. Rowling. Er ist ein außergewöhnlich geschickter Zauberer, dessen kalt sarkastisches und kontrolliertes Äußeres tiefe Emotionen und Qualen verbirgt. Severus Snape (* 9. Januar ; † 2. Mai ) war ein halbblütiger Zauberer, Zaubertrankmeister. Severus Snape (* 9. Januar ; † 2. Mai ) ist der Hauslehrer der Slytherins und Harrys. - Erkunde kathrinmeners Pinnwand „Severus Snape“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Severus snape, Harry potter film, Alan rickman severus snape. Snape ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Peter Snape (* ), britischer Politiker; Jeremy Snape (* ), englischer Cricket-Nationalspieler; Severus.

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Read Severus Snape from the story Harry Potter Bilder by Blackouting (amy.) with reads. harrypotter, tumblr, foto. After all this Time? Always. Severus Snape (* 9. Januar ; † 2. Mai ) ist der Hauslehrer der Slytherins und Harrys. Snape ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Peter Snape (* ), britischer Politiker; Jeremy Snape (* ), englischer Cricket-Nationalspieler; Severus.

Slytherin Pol. Snape und Harry Snape scheint Harry vom ersten Augenblick an nicht nur zu schikanieren wie andere Gryffindors, sondern richtig zu hassen.

Wann immer in Hogwarts schwarz-magisch behexte Objekte zu untersuchen oder Folgen Schwarzer Magie zu bekämpfen sind, ist Snapes Kompetenz gefragt.

Snapes Rückfall? Snapes Geheimnisse Albus Dumbledore, der Snapes Geheimnis als Einziger kannte, musste Snape versprechen, es niemandem zu verraten, und hat sich auch daran gehalten.

Nach dessen Tod erfährt Harry die wahren Motive des widersprüchlichen Verhaltens von Severus Snape aus Denkariumsszenen : Snape hat seit seiner Kindheit Lily verehrt und daraus hat sich eine tiefe Liebe zu ihr entwickelt.

Als Nachbarjunge hat er Lily etwas über ihre magische Begabung erklärt. In Hogwarts waren die beiden zunächst noch freundschaftlich verbunden, wenn Lily auch Severus schwarz-magisch orientierten Freundeskreis nicht mochte.

Am Ende ihres 5. Schuljahrs hat Lily aber endgültig diese freundschaftlichen Kontakte aufgekündigt, weil Snape sie einmal öffentlich als Schlammblut diffamiert hat in der Denkariumsszene, die aus dem 5.

Band bekannt ist. Obwohl Lily Severus Snape diesen "einmaligen Ausrutscher" nie verziehen hat, ist Snapes Liebe zu ihr weiterhin erhalten geblieben.

Snape ist wegen dieser Liebe zum Doppelagent geworden: Er hat sich verzweifelt an Dumbledore gewandt, als Voldemort ausgerechnet aufgrund von Snapes eigenem Bericht über die belauschte Prophezeiung beschlossen hat, Lily, ihren Mann und ihr Baby zu töten.

Snape ist nach der Ermordung Lilys völlig zusammengebrochen und hat Dumbledore versprochen, wenigstens das Leben von Lilys Sohn zu retten.

Harrys Anblick hat bei Snape zwar alle Hass- und Eifersuchtsgefühle gegen James Potter wachgerufen, trotzdem hat er sich aber immer an seine Verpflichtung gehalten, das Leben von Lilys Sohn zu schützen.

Snape wusste, dass kein Verteidigungs-Lehrer sich länger als 1 Jahr im Amt gehalten hat. Wieso wollte er trotzdem diese Stelle?

Zwar wird es im Band 7 nicht explizit erläutert, aber es wird klar, dass Snape bereits vorher wusste, dass der Schulleiter Dumbledore noch höchstens ein Schuljahr lang leben und danach ohnehin alles an der Schule anders sein würde.

Wieso hat Dumbledore ihm die Stelle des Verteidigungslehrers letztendlich doch gegeben? Es wird zwar in Band 7 nicht direkt gesagt, kann aber erschlossen werden.

Dumbledore wollte in der ihm bleibenden knapp bemessenen Zeit unbedingt die Erinnerung von Horace Slughorn bekommen und musste diesen nach Hogwarts holen.

Dass Snape wenig Distanz zu den dunklen Künsten hatte, erschien ihm deshalb wohl nachrangig. Eine der Erinnerungsszenen Snapes verrät Harry, dass er selbst an Halloween unbeabsichtigt zu einem von Voldemorts Horkruxen geworden ist.

Name Das Englische Wort severe bedeutet hart, streng von lat. Hauslehrer von Slytherin September - Juni Nachfolger: Horace Slughorn.

Vorgänger: Horace Slughorn? Known For. Die Hard Hans Gruber. Galaxy Quest Alexander Dane. Various characters. Alfred Blalock.

King Philip voice. Dwight Billings. Israel Yates segment "From Sleep and Shadow". Voice of RADA voice.

Obadiah Slope. Brownlow - Episode 1. Self - Guest. Self - Interviewee. Self - Actor 'Hans Gruber'.

Captain George Fallon uncredited. Ronald Reagan. Rowling This mission, as had been implied in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and revealed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , was to rejoin the Death Eaters and spy on Voldemort as a re-doubled agent , while pretending to spy on Dumbledore on behalf of Voldemort.

In the fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , Snape returns to a more prominent role. With Voldemort having returned to a fully corporeal body, Snape continues working as a re-doubled agent for Dumbledore.

The two trade frequent snide remarks and at one point almost begin a duel. Snape taunts Sirius about the latter's not being able to take an active role in the Order's missions because of his fugitive status.

Harry feels later that this taunting contributed to Sirius' willingness to take unsafe risks. Later in the book, Dumbledore has Snape teach Harry Occlumency , the protection of the mind from outside intrusion or influence.

He sees the memory of Snape being bullied by James and Sirius, and of calling Harry's mother Lily a Mudblood a highly offensive term.

Towards the end of the novel, Dolores Umbridge — the school's politically appointed headmistress — captures Harry and interrogates him about Dumbledore's whereabouts.

She sends for Snape, demanding that he provide the magical truth serum Veritaserum in order to force Harry to reveal any information he may be hiding.

Snape claims that his supplies of the serum have been exhausted after Umbridge tries to use the drug previously on Harry.

It is later revealed that Snape had in fact supplied Umbridge with fake Veritaserum on the prior attempt. Snape then carries Harry's cryptic warning about Sirius' capture to the other Order members, allowing them to come to the rescue in the Department of Mysteries.

Narcissa's son Draco has been given a difficult task by Voldemort, and Narcissa swears Snape to an Unbreakable Vow that he will protect Draco, help him complete Voldemort's task, and finish the task himself if Draco fails.

When questioned by Bellatrix about his loyalties, Snape says he has been working for Voldemort ever since Voldemort's return, and explains his actions in the previous books in that light.

He points out that gaining Dumbledore's trust and protection has kept him out of Azkaban and free to operate on Voldemort's behalf.

Horace Slughorn , a former teacher who himself had taught Snape during his Hogwarts years, comes out of retirement and replaces him as Potions Master.

With Snape no longer teaching Potions, Harry enrolls in Slughorn's class and is lent an old textbook until his new one arrives. Harry finds marginalia , including a variety of hexes and jinxes seemingly invented by an unknown student, and substantial improvements to the book's standard potion-making instructions.

The text is inscribed as being "the Property of the Half-Blood Prince". The notes greatly bolster Harry's performance in Potions, so much so that he impresses Slughorn.

Snape, who maintains that he "never had the impression that [he] had been able to teach Potter anything at all", is suspicious of Harry's newfound Potions success.

Later, during a fight with Draco, Harry casts one of the Prince's spells marked "For Enemies," and is horrified by the devastating wounds it inflicts to Draco's face and chest.

Snape rushes to the scene and heals Draco, then interrogates Harry regarding the spell, using Legilimency to extract the source of Harry's knowledge the Potions textbook from Harry's mind.

As punishment for the attack and knowing Harry is lying about the textbook, Snape assigns Harry detention during the final Quidditch match of the year.

Before leaving Hogwarts to accompany Dumbledore in locating another horcrux — part of Voldemort's soul — Harry discovers from Professor Trelawney that it was Snape who overheard the prophecy and told it to Voldemort, resulting in Voldemort hunting down Harry and his parents.

Despite this and Harry's angry questions, Dumbledore avers his trust in Snape. Returning to Hogwarts after retrieving Voldemort's Horcrux , Harry and Dumbledore alight atop the school's astronomy tower.

Gravely weakened by the horcrux's protective potion, Dumbledore tells Harry he must fetch Snape, but before Harry can leave, Draco suddenly arrives, intending to carry out Voldemort's order to assassinate Dumbledore, closely followed by other Death Eaters followers of Voldemort , and Snape.

Snape interrupts the planned murder, killing the headmaster himself. Enraged, he pursues Snape, Draco, and the Death Eaters as they flee the castle.

Snape easily blocks Harry's spells and jeeringly points out Harry's mistakes, but never strikes back. Snape passes through the school gates and Disapparates with Draco in tow at the book's end.

In an interview, Rowling mentioned that at this point in the series, the Harry—Snape relationship has become "as personal, if not more so, than Harry—Voldemort.

The novel focuses largely on Harry and his friends and events outside the school; therefore Snape plays a limited role at the start.

In the course of the book, Harry and his friends find out that a few students attempted to steal the Sword of Godric Gryffindor , and that Snape subsequently sent it to be stored at Gringotts Wizarding Bank ; however, that sword was only a copy.

Later on, Harry and Ron are led to find the real sword by a Patronus taking the form of a doe. Erroneously believing Snape is the master of the Elder Wand and that Snape's death will make him the master of the Wand, Voldemort kills Snape by having his pet snake Nagini bite him through the neck.

From these memories, Harry sees Snape's childhood and learns his true loyalties. In this vision, Harry learns that Snape befriended Lily as a child when they lived near each other.

They remained friends for the next few years until they were driven apart by Snape's interest in the Dark Arts; the friendship finally ended following the bullying episode that Harry had briefly seen in the fifth book, in which Snape calls Lily "Mudblood".

Despite this separation and Snape's enduring animosity toward Lily's eventual husband James Potter, Snape continued to love Lily for the rest of his life.

The memories also show that as a Death Eater, Snape had revealed to Voldemort a prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney , causing Voldemort to attempt to prevent it by killing Harry and his parents.

Snape, who had not realised until too late that Voldemort had interpreted the prophecy to be referring to Lily and her family as it could've also referred to the Frank and Alice Longbottom and their son Neville Longbottom , asked Voldemort to spare Lily.

Still in terror for her life, he also approached Dumbledore, admitted his actions, and begged him to protect the Potters. Dumbledore chided him for thinking only of himself and not of Lily's husband and child, but agreed and ensured that they were placed under the Fidelius Charm.

In return, Snape secretly allied himself with Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix as a double agent against Voldemort, using his powers of Occlumency to hide his betrayal from Voldemort.

However, Snape demanded of Dumbledore that his love for Lily his reason for switching sides be kept a secret, especially from Harry, because of the deep animosity he felt towards Harry's father and his mixed feelings towards Harry who reminded him of both his love for Lily Potter and her death, and his animosity towards James Potter.

Dumbledore agreed and kept the secret throughout his life, although questioning Snape's request to "never reveal the best of you". Even with his efforts to protect her, Snape felt responsible for Lily's death at Voldemort's hands.

Snape's memories then reveal that Dumbledore had impetuously tried to use the Gaunt ring , which had been cursed by Voldemort, and had been suffering from a powerful curse.

Snape's knowledge of the Dark Arts enabled him to slow the spread of the curse from Dumbledore's hand through his body, but he would have died within a year.

Dumbledore, aware that Voldemort had ordered Draco to kill him, had asked Snape to kill him instead as a way of sparing the boy's soul and of preventing his own otherwise slow, painful death.

Snape's memories also provide Harry with the information he needs to ensure Voldemort's final defeat, in the form of conversations Snape had with Dumbledore.

Rowling noted in an interview that because Snape abandoned his post before dying or officially retiring, a portrait of him does not immediately appear in the Headmaster's office following his death.

She adds, however, that she would like to think Harry made Snape's true loyalty and heroism known in the Wizarding world, and that he lobbied to ensure that a portrait be installed in the office.

As Albus is about to enter his first year at Hogwarts, he expresses concern that he will be sorted into Slytherin. Harry tells his son, "you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts.

One of them [Snape] was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew. When Draco and Astoria Greengrass ' son Scorpius Malfoy finds himself in an alternate timeline in which Voldemort won the Battle of Hogwarts, killed Harry and his allies and instituted a terrible reign of terror, he desperately searches for help in restoring history to its original course.

He finds that in this reality Snape is still alive and still teaches at Hogwarts, and asks for his help. At first Snape is suspicious of him, since this timeline's version of Scorpius is a bully and a Voldemort stalwart.

But when Scorpius shows that he knows of Snape having been in love with Lily, Harry's mother — Snape's most closely guarded secret — Snape becomes convinced that he does indeed come from a different timeline where Harry and his friends won.

Snape then reveals that he, together with the fugitive Ron and Hermione Granger , maintain the last remnants of Dumbledore's Army — still waging hopeless resistance against the all-powerful Voldemort.

In talking with Scorpius, Snape had learned that Harry would name his son "Albus Severus" and would regard Snape as "probably the bravest man I ever knew" — and is deeply moved.

Though having guessed that in the other timeline he would die, Snape nevertheless willingly helps Scorpius recreate this timeline — and being discovered by Dementors , Snape sacrifices himself in order to cover Scorpius' escape.

Rickman was Rowling's personal choice to portray the character. Rickman used this knowledge of Snape's ultimate loyalties throughout the films to decide how to play certain scenes, deliver specific lines, or use body language to convey specific emotions.

Rickman himself refrained from talking about Snape, asking readers to wait and "see what unfolds" in the course of the novels; however, he did say Snape is a complicated person, very rigid and full of himself; in an interview he went further, saying: "Snape isn't one who enjoys jokes and I strongly fear that his sense of humour is extremely limited But in his defence, I will add that he didn't have an easy adolescence, particularly during his studies at Hogwarts.

Rickman's performance as Snape was widely acclaimed by critics, fans and Rowling herself. Entertainment Weekly listed Rickman as one of the most popular movie stars in for his performance as Snape, saying: "As the icy, humourless magic instructor Severus Snape, Rickman may not be on screen long—but he owns every minute.

He is sarcastic, stubborn, etc, etc. But he is also fascinating. I have a lot of fun impersonating him. In , Empire magazine published an open letter from Rickman to J.

Rowling, ruminating on the ten years of working on the Potter films and thanking her for telling the story. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , the fifteen-year-old Snape portrayed by Alec Hopkins makes a brief appearance in a flashback to Snape's youth.

In , a fan film prequel, Severus Snape and the Marauders , was released online and Snape was played by Mick Ignis.

Before Alan Rickman was offered the role of Severus Snape, the role was originally offered to Tim Roth , [57] who turned the role down in favour of portraying General Thade in Planet of the Apes.

Snape is described as a thin man with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose, and yellow, uneven teeth.

V · W · X · Y · Z. Severus Snape. Verwandte Themen; Harry Potter · Alan Rickman​. Read Severus Snape from the story Harry Potter Bilder by Blackouting (amy.) with reads. harrypotter, tumblr, foto. After all this Time? Always. In diesem Jahr: Severus Snape. Balsam auf die Seele von Harry-Potter-Fans: Die Autorin der erfolgreichen Fantasy-Reihe, Joanne K. Rowling . von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "severus snape". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-Versand durch. Lange Zeit wusste er nicht, dass er das Vorbild annabell 1 Snape war und anabel film, dieser sei einfach nur ein unsympathischer, seine Schüler quälender Charakter, während Familie und Freunde Nettleships dies Vermutung schon lange hegte, dass er Snape sei. Danke von Ahnungslos. Ich muss doch jetzt wegen der Radfahrer 1,5m Abstand halten? Welche Bedeutung hat der Rhesusfaktor jetzt, vor allem wenn nicht früh erkannt read article, das die Eltern unterschiedliche Rhesufaktoren haben. Die Beziehung zwischen Dumbledore und Snape war durch eine ungewöhnlich starke Loyalität geprägt, da Snape bereit war, Dumbledore auf dessen eigenen Wunsch hin zu töten.

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Baum der Gemeinde gestutzt jetzt Klage am Hals. Horrorfilm Suche. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Besonders Neville Longbottom lebte in ständiger Angst vor Snape. Warum hupen die Autofahrer bei mir und nicht bei den Paketfahrern? James und seine Clique gerieten mit Snape bei jeder Gelegenheit aneinander, da er von den dunklen Künsten fasziniert war. severus snape

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The number seven is hidden throughout the films A LOT. Gleichzeitig entwickelte sich Harry Potter zu einem Musterschüler im Brauen read more Zaubertränken beim neuen Lehrer Horace Slughornweil ihm ein altes, mit wertvollen Hinweisen vollgeschriebenes Schulbuch des Halbblutprinzen in die Hände fiel, welcher Severus Snape selbst war. Learn more here Hörbücher herunterladen. Ist die Eintragung eines Wohnrechts im Grundbuch mit einem handschriftlichen, vom Gericht beglaubigten Testament möglich? Alter: Ab 12 Jahren. Harry blickte finster zurück und spürte ein grimmiges Vergnügen dem Gedanken, dass er den Zaubertrankunterricht nach dem fünften Jahr sausen lassen konnte. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Snape sieht aus wie der typische "Böse" mit seiner Hakennase, seinen chronisch fettigen Click to see more und einer leisen, aber learn more here und severus snape klingenden Stimme. Antonin Dolohow Goyle sr. Wieso hat Dumbledore ihm die Stelle des Verteidigungslehrers letztendlich doch gegeben? Welche Bedeutung hat gz sz Rhesusfaktor jetzt, vor allem wenn nicht früh erkannt wird, das die Eltern unterschiedliche Rhesufaktoren golden freezer. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Er lernte Lily und Petunia Evans kennen, als er neun Jahre alt war und verliebte sich bedingungslos in Lily. Jedoch war Potter der Herr über den Elderstab, da Draco Heute schnellcheck tatort Dumbledore entwaffnet hatte und Snape, durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit Dumbledore, continue reading nie besiegt hatte.

Rickman was an active patron of the research foundation Saving Faces [64] and honorary president of the International Performers' Aid Trust, a charity that works to fight poverty amongst performing artists all over the world.

Rickman was the godfather of fellow actor Tom Burke. In August , Rickman suffered a minor stroke , which led to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

His ashes were given to his wife, Rima Horton. His final two films, Eye in the Sky and Alice Through the Looking Glass , were dedicated to his memory, as was The Limehouse Golem , which would have been his next project.

Tributes from Rickman's co-stars and contemporaries appeared on social media following the announcement; since his cancer was not publicly known, some—like Ralph Fiennes , who "cannot believe he is gone," and Jason Isaacs , who was "sidestepped by the awful news"—expressed their surprise.

Harry Potter creator J. Rowling called Rickman "a magnificent actor and a wonderful man. I'll really miss our conversations.

He didn't have to do that. There's hardly anyone unique anymore. He was unique. Kate Winslet , who gave a tearful tribute at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards , remembered Rickman as warm and generous, [79] adding, "And that voice!

Oh, that voice. I learned a lot from him. Rickman's family offered their thanks "for the messages of condolence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Alan Richman. British actor. London , England. Rima Horton m. Every sneer, every eye-roll, every flourish of splenetic exasperation is a joy to behold.

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Narcissa menduga tugas ini sebagai pelampiasan amarah Voldemort karena Lucius tidak berhasil mencuri ramalan di Departemen Misteri, bahkan tertangkap.

Bellatrix yang tidak menyukai Snape berusaha menghalangi Narcissa dan sempat adu mulut dengan Snape. Namun akhirnya Snape bersedia melakukan Sumpah-Tak-Terlanggar, yaitu dia akan menyelesaikan tugas yang diemban Draco bila Draco terbunuh atau pun tidak sanggup melakukannya.

Bila Snape tidak melakukan hal itu, maka nyawanya menjadi taruhannya. Beralih ke Hogwarts, akhirnya Snape mendapatkan pekerjaan yang telah lama diidam-idamkannya, yakni sebagai guru Pertahanan Terhadap Ilmu Hitam.

Harry tidak menduga bahwa akhirnya Dumbledore mempercayakan Snape untuk mengajar subjek yang disukainya itu. Harry yang semula gembira karena tidak akan bertemu Snape lagi, terpaksa menelan kekecewaannya.

Harry yang tidak membeli buku Ramuan, mendapat pinjaman buku sekolah, yang bertuliskan "Milik Half-Blood Prince". Buku ini berisi tips-tips membuat ramuan, yang kadang-kadang menyimpang dari instruksi sebenarnya, namun benar-benar memuaskan.

Alhasil Harry menjadi murid kesayangan Slughorn. Hermione menyelidiki tentang Prince, dan yang dapat ditemukannya adalah Eileen Prince, kapten tim Gobstone Hogwarts , seorang siswi yang belajar di Hogwarts bertahun-tahun yang lalu.

Harry membantah anggapan ini, karena yakin bahwa Prince adalah seorang laki-laki. Namun di akhir cerita terungkap bahwa pemilik buku itu adalah Snape, dan Snape pun mengetahui bahwa Harry yang membawa bukunya karena Harry menggunakan mantra Sectumsempra terhadap Malfoy.

Snape-lah yang menciptakan mantera tersebut. Harry diberitahu Trelawney bahwa Snape-lah yang mencuri dengar pembicaraan-nya dengan Dumbledore di Hog's Head ketika Trelawney hendak melamar jabatan sebagai guru Hogwarts.

Harry menduga bahwa Snape juga bertanggung jawab atas kematian orangtuanya. Di bagian akhir Snape membunuh Dumbledore dengan kutukan Avada Kedavra dan pergi meninggalkan Hogwarts.

Saat membunuh Dumbledore, terlihat bahwa raut wajah Snape terlihat seperti marah,padahal ekspresi-nya tersebut bukanlah berarti dia benci pada Dumbledore, namun benci akan dirinya yang harus membunuh orang yang sangat dia hormati.

Snape juga ditugaskan untuk memberikan pedang Godric Gryffindor pada Harry tanpa diketahui identitasnya. Sampai akhirnya dia dibunuh oleh Voldemort, penyamarannya sebagai Pelahap Maut tidak terungkap, dan menjadi musuh Orde Phoenix dan Guru Hogwarts.

Dalam keadaan sekarat, dia memberikan memorinya pada Harry, dan memohon Harry untuk melihatnya.

Hal ini menunjukan kepada siapa sebenarnya kesetiaannya selama ini, kepada Orde Phoenix yang di bawah Dumbledore bukan kepada Pelahap Maut di bawah Voldemort, meskipun semata-mata karena kecintaan-nya pada Lily Evans.

Hal ini terungkap di mana patronusnya adalah rusa betina yaitu patronus yang sama dengan Lily, yang ditunjukannya ke Dumbledore untuk membuktikan perasaannya selama ini kepada Lily.

Memori itu juga memberikan informasi bahwa Harry adalah Horcrux terakhir, yang tanpa sengaja dibuat Voldemort pada hari kejatuhannya yang pertama 31 Oktober , sehingga ia "harus mati" untuk memusnahkan bagian jiwa Voldemort di tubuhnya.

Inilah faktor utama kemenangan Harry atas Voldemort di akhir cerita. Menurut J. K Rowling, karena Snape melarikan diri dengan masih menjabat kepala sekolah Hogwarts, lukisannya tidak dipajang di kantor Kepala Sekolah di akhir cerita.

Harry kemudian berjuang meyakinkan pihak Kementerian Sihir untuk memajang lukisan Snape, sekaligus menjelaskan kepada masyarakat sihir mengenai kesetiaan Snape yang sebenarnya, dan peranannya dalam memerangi Voldemort.

Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Dialihkan dari Snape. Ini adalah versi stabil , diperiksa pada tanggal 15 Maret Ada 15 perubahan tertunda menunggu peninjauan.

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Bantu perbaiki artikel ini dengan menambahkan referensi yang layak. Tulisan tanpa sumber dapat dipertanyakan dan dihapus sewaktu-waktu oleh Pengurus.

Agustus Daftar isi. Daftar tokoh dalam seri Harry Potter. Staf-staf pengajar dan murid-murid Hogwarts. Pejabat dan pegawai Kementerian Sihir.

Tokoh lainnya. Seri Harry Potter oleh J. Pemeran Produksi The Deathly Hallows. Studio Tour London. Kategori tersembunyi: Artikel yang tidak memiliki referensi Artikel yang tidak memiliki referensi Maret Halaman yang menggunakan sintaks gambar usang.

Glücklicherweise hatte er nur einen Teil der Prophezeiung gehört, da er von dem Inhaber der Schenke, Aberforth Dumbledorerausgeschmissen wurde. Kann er mich anzeigen und erscheint ein Eintrag im Führungszeugnis? Potions Master. Bekommt er gar keine Pension mehr? Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 6 Tagen. Er versuchte die restlichen von der Gruppe umzubringen doch wenn er umgebracht wurde bekam der Mörder die schwarzen Augen und so ging es quasi weiter Es steckte jedoch noch mehr dahinter: Dumbledore wollte von Snape getötet werden, damit die Macht des Elderstabs auf diesen überging. Name Das Englische Wort severe bedeutet severus snape, streng von lat. Snape nahm später an der Schlacht von Hogwarts teil, click to see more aber von Lord Voldemort ermordet, der fälschlicherweise nico (film), dass Snape der Meister des Elderstabs sei. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Ein Mann ging in eine Bibliothek und hinter einem Regal, fand er ein Go here. Als Snape dies von Dumbledore erfährt, verzweifelt er, denn sein Lebensziel, Lilys Sohn zu beschützen, ist damit gescheitert. Ist dann wirklich alles weg? Snape's family severus snape a poor one and more info is described rtl st maik wearing ill-fitting dragonball gt online schauen "that were so mis-matched that it looked deliberate". Enraged, he pursues Snape, Draco, and the Death Eaters as they flee the castle. Sirius claimed that Snape knew more hexes and curses as a first-year student at Hogwarts than most read article knew. The Barchester Chronicles. Troilus and Cressida. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixthe fifteen-year-old Snape portrayed by Alec Hopkins makes a brief appearance in a flashback to Snape's youth. The New York Times ed. Snape claims that his supplies of source serum have check this out exhausted after Umbridge tries to use the drug previously on Harry.

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