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Dogs of Berlin Staffel 1. Der Mord an einem deutsch-türkischen Fußball-​Nationalspieler am Vortag eines internationalen Spitzenspiels versetzt die Spree​-. Die 1. Staffel der deutschen Netflix-Serie Dogs of Berlin wurde erstm Toggle navigation. Kino stream HD - online filme und burning series streaming. Search. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory und viele mehr gratis. Kino stream HD - online filme und burning series streaming. Search Dogs of Berlin on IMDb Dogs of Berlin stream Deutsch (German) hd online kostenlos. Dogs of Berlin ist eine deutsche Netflix-Serie, in der zwei Polizisten in der Berliner Unterwelt ermitteln.

dogs of berlin burning series

Kino stream HD - online filme und burning series streaming. Search Dogs of Berlin on IMDb Dogs of Berlin stream Deutsch (German) hd online kostenlos. 4 Blocks (TV Series burning series dogs of berlin. The group plays period-​era music in a variety of styles ranging from to. In six episodes 4 Blocks tells a. Hier gibt es die ersten 10 folgen​html.

Grim, dark, even clever. But it all collapses pretty quickly. Characters are cardboard cut-outs and even though that one dimension they've given is well-written and acted, you can't squeeze much out of a rock.

Main character named Kurt is worst of them, the corrupt trickster and liar who's somehow object of every woman's desire and also a great detective.

Which would be fine He had a moral compass, he was actually a good detective and he had humor. Speaking of which German stereotype or not, but this show has exactly zero humor.

Unless you count two broken noses funny. It's grim, gets grimmer and then some more. Not a second of relief, not a single human interaction.

So naturally, your mind starts looking from some in other places. Like, say, the fact that producer has some sort of fetish with human-sized gorillas.

There's Turkish mafia ones, Slovak? Basically majority of men you see in this show are somehow 2 meters tall and kilograms heavy, and apparently escaped from Berlin zoo.

Except for two main protagonists who look like swimwear models. This is all very weird, very distracting and makes little sense. Especially since distraction is all there is.

Actual procedural police work doesn't really happen, big "gang war" of gangs that supposedly have "huge criminal empires" consists of three gorillas shooting at other three gorillas in tiny shops, and the story of a good-boy rap artist who, when story needs, turns into Spider-man for no reason whatsoever turning into crime feels fake and forced as well.

From the show called "Dogs of Berlin", I hoped to see learn anything about Berlin, as breathing, living city and it's underworld.

Well, or law enforcement. This show really shows neither. Nothing like the city of Baltimore from The Wire which I feel this show heavily borrows from , nothing except random, messy drama at all.

So, in the end, two characters in this show about a city, criminal underworld and police work who really are somewhat interesting to watch are two women, a bored alcoholic housewife and lonely alcoholic mistress.

For a german production it is not THAT bad. The Look is okay, and the plot could've had everything to be very interesting.

If you want to see a really good german production with almost the same plot - watch '4 Blocks'. Beautifully filmed gritty drama of the underbelly of Berlin.

An intelligent interwoven set of stories and imperfect characters forming a dark and tense tapestry that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat up until the very end.

The characters are fantastic, acting excellent, direction slick and movie grade action and cinematography. Highly recommend this one!

On the one hand, I applaud the fact that Netflix is giving viewers such a wide range of programming in other languages.

I really wanted to like this and the first episode was very promising. The story soon went into convulsions and starting spreading out in about 30 different directions, too many to manage with any hope of entertaining the viewer.

There are about four story lines too many for this thing to take off. They should have lightened the load and ditched a few of the less promising ones.

The rapper kid is a dumb angle, as is his wife's problems in her little china shop. We have the Turkish mafia, a crooked cop, interfering in Germany's nation al game, Nazis His wife gets the crap beat out of her by a teenage girl without raising a hand, and then she stands up to a Mafioso?

And just the idea that thugs in Berlin would bother a woman whose husband is a cop in a protection racket scheme is stupid, as was the drive-by shooting.

This is Berlin, right? Not New York or Rio or Lagos. When the story breaks days later that the footballer is dead the cops' boss comes barging into their meeting to announce, "It's out!

Even 24 seems highly unlikely. That was dumb. They tried to make the Turks so menacing, but I never got that feeling. They just seemed like caricatures of mafia thugs.

The writers seem like they were terrified to portray modern Berlin for what it is: as close to a workers' paradise as we have in the world today.

Disagree with that? Name a better place to be working class. They paint the Turks out to be like American blacks, with no opportunity besides rapping and sports.

Almost all of them have jobs that pay a decent wage, six weeks of vacation a year, free and excellent medical care, great schools, public safety, amazing public transit, etc.

Jim Abrahams and David Zucker made comedies like Airplane and The Naked Gun in which they threw so many jokes at you that you stopped even thinking about them and simply laughed.

This is sort of the strategy in this series but instead of jokes they throw plot twists and story lines at you. First I want to say that it is a really good series with many interesting characters and a complex plot.

I enjoyed watching it! But what you see in these episode is definitely not Berlin and not Germany. This show feels like one big insult against the german police which seems overstrained through out the whole story.

Even though some stupid people out there think oppositional, but the german police is one of the best in the world and would not be afraid of a "no-go-area".

The only reason why people do not notice this leads me to the second part of my criticism: There are no big mafia clans in Germany which can act as they please.

There are some small criminal clans, but they are definetly no threat to society, as shown in this series.

I dont know if the writers and producers be aware which image of people from foreign countries they show here. But these things we saw in the show never happened in Germany and will not happen for sure!

I have watched the whole season in one day. Every character have troubles and mystery. He always do something bad but in conclude everything is okay but if conclude is fine can we say proses is not important?

Season final was amazing. So i am looking forward to watch season 2!! This is a great show, I don't understand why they poor score.

It is well made, real interactions, real people with problems and addictions and hobbies, like the police boss with the two girls and the police with the gambling problem, and the immigrants dealing drugs which are untouched and the rampant racism in Germany in all generations There is suspense, and there is an interesting story and there are lots of real life issues.

For me is a 9 but in order to increase the score I give it a I prefer German wt subtitles over dubbed English. First of all, this tv show deserves way better than a 7.

A vortex of ideas between football, betting, corruption, Germans, Turks and neo-Nazis. This series has a spectacular rhythm, combined with a soundtrack that makes the environment even more beastly.

The photograph, which by the way is beautiful, represents perhaps the most striking aspect of the series. A lot of testosterone running throughout the series, seeing guys with well-defined beards is striking joke, right?

Watch all you want for free. Videos Dogs of Berlin. Dogs of Berlin Trailer. Dogs of Berlin: Season 1 Teaser.

Episodes Dogs of Berlin. Season 1. Release year: Team 57m. Clash 51m. Home Game 57m. Foul Play 52m. Offside 52m.

Derby 52m. National 52m. Overtime 58m. Victory Ceremony 60m. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. This show is The chain of evidence may even lead to the highest offices of the capital.

In order to uncover the truth, the two police officers have to venture deep down into the Berlin underworld.

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As a drama, Dogs of Berlin delivers in spades. You can watch this series in one breath. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. I really liked it. It's very gritty and the characters are fairly complex. That said, the viewer really needs to know a bit about the politics and issues currently facing German society.

Netflix did a good job on including a lot of these issues. A previous review on here mentioned the ban of Nazi symbols. Yes, it's true, but the symbol that the Nazi club uses is actually not an "N" for "Nazi" but rather an "M" which stands for the borough of Marzahn, where the club is based out of.

There's really a lot going on that might appear random for someone not accustomed with current events in Germany.

The biker gangs, the criminal clans, the police corruption, etc. I hope there's a second season. I don't usually write reviews, but this is a pretty cool show.

This is the first German show I've watched on Netflix and I was hooked from the start. All the characters are flawed in some way, most at least partially redeem themselves by the end and some don't.

Some of the many intertwining storylines are a bit OTT and a bit superfluous but the show was thoroughly enjoyable and it would be great to see a second series.

Unlike many other reviewers i think this show is pretty close to reality. Also acting, camera and specifically set design are amazing.

The director paid attention to small quirky details and i just love the main character who is energetic, a bit evil, but after all just a real human.

Yes it does. Many people still? Yes, those clans exist the way the are shown, yes, there is betting manipulation in the DFB, yes, there are blackmailing cases, yes, there are Nazis in Marzahn who look like those guys, yes, the Hells Angels are tied to all of that, and yes, there are a lot of corrupt police officers.

That my only point of criticism: The corruption problem is actually worse. I gave it 9 stars, although it probably deserves more like 8, but I felt that I had to do my part to upgrade the rating a little.

Some parts of the story are absolutely ridiculous and farfetched, the computer generated scenes of the football matches were some of the worst I've seen in recent memory, however I was entertained the entire series and I definitely want to see the second season.

The two leads were both terrific and elevated the show beyond trashy camp. It feels a little bit like watching the over the top and absurd Boondock Saints at times crossed with a really good English serial As an American it's hard to tell where this series stands in comparison to other German television shows, and it's difficult to judge what aspects of Berlin life and culture even remotely resembled reality.

I did find it fascinating, however and it made me want to try other German series. MFaisolC 21 January I find this series excellent in every aspect!

Every moment was suspenseful. Not for a single moment I felt isolated or disconnected from this series.

It made me immersed myself into its 'own world' which felt like reality. Powerful acting by each cast member, superb cinematography and making.

Well done every one associated with this series. I generally do not like gang-themed stories.

I find them boring. What made me watch Dogs of Berlin is my love for the city of Berlin. Because of the content, I expected to last only half an episode before turning it off.

But I got sucked right in. I finished the last episode just now and I hope to god there is a second season planned! All the pieces are surely there for another round, but you never know.

The two main characters are both complex and relatable. It was a wild ride watching them navigate the dangerous situations they ended up in!

More please! My wife and I watch a lot of murder mysteries and this one's up there because it is different. It's not reality, at least I hope not, but it is engaging, there are some scenes that are at the top of our list, it's intriguing and worth the time to watch.

I will never understand, however, why almost all European murder mysteries we've seen have terrible English lyric songs for theme songs, with notable exceptions like Das Broen.

I thought it is going to be a silly show while watching the first episode, but it turned out to be something way different than expected: a twisted scenario, crazy subplots all mixing into the main one.

The characters are all of a kind which might come a little too much when it comes to sexual propaganda, but might be all normal if taking in consideration the state where the action is going.

Ethnic reality in Deutschland is well presented as well. So rather don't miss it, it's crazy, it's hardcore and it's good.

The only criticism is that the series takes too long time to introduce the characters. Yes, they have depth and complexity but more time could've spent on entertainment meaning action.

Other than that happy that I was able to binge watch it, good story, lots of twist and turns and excitement until the end. Worth to spend a rainy Sunday with it.

Action, dark, full of nudity and finally a LGBT character that's not sescondary but he's one of the protagonist. And the best part is the amazing town of Berlin There is a new German series on Netflix, and after "Dark" was a very passable, internationally acclaimed mystery series, I thought, let's give "Dogs of Berlin" a shot.

But when the name "Christian Alvart" appeared in the opening credits all alarm bells went off for me. It is one of the most popular german TV shows, which Alvart unsuccessfully tried to reinvent by turning mostly lame and old-fashioned whodunit crime stories into bad rip-offs of 90s action films.

Well, Til Schweiger is absent from Dogs of Berlin. And that's actually the best thing you can say about this gruesome concoction.

Before we talk about the most despicable parts of Dogs of Berlin, let's start with what's just plain awful. Point 1: The dialogues are written by someone who does not care about language and words.

Any sentences the actors are forced to utter have been copied and pasted from some Guy Ritchie movies. And not from the good ones.

And then we are there. I just need more time. And you do not get many of them here. Point 2: Just as crappy as the dialogues are the characters written.

The policeman with the neo-Nazi past, the homosexual Turkish investigator, the tough lesbian police chief, such personas come about when one puts together his main characters with a choice-o-mat.

Alvart surely thinks of these people as multi-layered characters. But Alvart also thinks, Til Schweiger is a charismatic action actor.

But he lacks any empathy for his characters. They are used uninspiringly to advance the stupid plot of the murder of a Turkish-born football player, which eventually leads to a sort of civil war in Berlin.

This is supposed to be loosely inspired by real-life events, but let me tell you, as someone, who is from Germany: It does not even come close to the complexe issues, German society is facing at the moment.

Point 3: Speaking of empathy: Lebanese clans play an important role in Dogs of Berlin. And of course, Alvart has also stolen this plot element, namely from the pretty gripping drama series "4 Blocks".

Earlier this year, I happened to sit next to one of the authors of 4 Blocks on a panel. Hanno Hackfort reported, that the writers had researched the complex and ambivalent portrait of a Lebanese clan family for almost three years.

Alvart's research was this: Watch 4 Blocks and then just throw anything beyond his mental capacities out the window.

Then simply copy and squeeze the rest into Dogs of Berlin. Nothing in this series feels original or new. Besides all those things, that are just stupid, there is one thing, that makes Dogs of Berlin really unspeakable.

The depiction of female characters in this series is disgusting. There are two things women characters in Dogs of Berlin are allowed to do: the first is to show their breasts.

The second is to be the victim of terrible acts of violence. And sometimes both. For Alvart women are objects in a testosterone-filled world.

They can only be strong if they submit to the male rituals of dominance and violence. Like the tough police officer who is even tougher than her male colleagues.

There is no solidarity among women, on the contrary: If women interact with women here, then only to harm each other physically or mentally.

It is a concept of feminity, that is otherwise found only in hardcore porn: big breasts everywhere, the dominant, potent man, who owns his female partners, of whom he has many, of course, and fights between women, that end up with one urinating on the other.

It is these scenes in which Alvart reveals the foul, appalling inside of "Dogs of Berlin". Unfortunately, there is no manure bag large enough to dispose of the droppings of these pooches properly.

I Hope Netflix will continue. Dog of Berlin deserves a better rating than a 6. The main actors are a great cast. The chemistry between them makes the characters believable to the viewers.

Tension from the first to the last minute. I hope that a second season will follow. It's like a time jump in the 80s. The narrative is like from my childhood.

Thank you. First episode felt rather intriguing. Grim, dark, even clever. But it all collapses pretty quickly.

Characters are cardboard cut-outs and even though that one dimension they've given is well-written and acted, you can't squeeze much out of a rock.

Main character named Kurt is worst of them, the corrupt trickster and liar who's somehow object of every woman's desire and also a great detective.

Which would be fine He had a moral compass, he was actually a good detective and he had humor. Speaking of which German stereotype or not, but this show has exactly zero humor.

Unless you count two broken noses funny. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos.

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A politically sensitive murder forces two disparate detectives into a battle with the Berlin underworld and a confrontation with their own corruption.

Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Everything New on Netflix in June. Netflix: Series. Series I've seen, from best to worst.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Felix Kramer Kurt Grimmer 10 episodes, Fahri Yardim Erol Birkan 10 episodes, Samy Abdel Fattah Raif Tarik-Amir 10 episodes, Mohamed Issa Murad Issam 10 episodes, Anna Maria Mühe Sabine 'Bine' Ludar 10 episodes, Deniz Orta Paula Grimmer 10 episodes, Giannina Erfany-Far Kareem Tarik-Amir 9 episodes, Sebastian Zimmler Ulf Grimmer 9 episodes, Sebastian Achilles Guido Mack 8 episodes, Hauke Diekamp Eva Grimmer 8 episodes, Lena Schmidtke Mandy Klink 8 episodes, Alina Stiegler Petrovic 8 episodes, Langston Uibel Raphael Bou'Penga 8 episodes, Antonio Wannek Hans Kuscha 8 episodes, Yasin El Harrouk Fahd 7 episodes, Robert Gallinowski Johann Henkenmaier 7 episodes, Hannah Herzsprung Trinity Sommer 7 episodes, Imad Mardnli Wahid 7 episodes, Misel Maticevic Tomo Kovac 7 episodes, Renato Schuch Murathan Canavar 7 episodes, Constantin von Jascheroff Robert Fucht 7 episodes, Paul Wollin Gregor Munn 7 episodes, Seyneb Saleh Rafika Masaad 6 episodes, Jan Bülow Tom Kriftel 6 episodes, Deniz Cooper Aykut Kubat 6 episodes, Eray Egilmez Gesine Kramer 6 episodes, Yung Ngo Karsten Nguyen 6 episodes, Niels-Bruno Schmidt Bruno Przybylla 6 episodes, Aram Tafreshian Lars Niedermann 6 episodes, Branko Tomovic Dario 6 episodes, Ivan Vrgoc Stipe 6 episodes, Dora Zygouri Emilia Grimmer 6 episodes, Jasna Fritzi Bauer Nike Strack 5 episodes, Markus Boysen Hardy Kranz 5 episodes, Tyron Ricketts Leon Bou' Penga 5 episodes, Leonas Sielaff Thor Ludar 5 episodes, Malte Thomsen Learn more More Like This.

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The human stories on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Edit Storyline Dogs of Berlin tells the story of two contrasting Berlin police detectives who become a team against their will - and are forced into a territorial battle with the Berlin underworld that confronts them with their own human weaknesses and criminal activities - and into a final decision on which side of the law they're actually on.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The exterior of the headquarters of Berlin state police where the Red Card task force work is a building known as the Bierpinsel beer brush in the Steglitz neighbourhood of Berlin.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: Why are German Turks referred to as Kanaks on the show?

Country: Germany.

He gets hold of the inspector's gun and wants to shoot Gereon, but after Gereon convinces him that his situation is hopeless, Johann commits suicide instead. The Acting and the cast is excellent and it has a great German hip hop and rap soundtrack. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. She and Gereon part ways after click here up their respective files they had dropped. Verlängerung 58 Min. In diesem interaktiven Special muss Kimmy vor der Hochzeit zunächst den bösen Plan des Reverend vereiteln. Diese Dramaserie thematisiert die Dogs of berlin burning series der Opioidkrise. Thank you for this great trip - and more of it, please! Bruch also won a in the category Best German actor for his portrayal of Gereon Rath. Wenn euch also wirklich an der Produktion liegt, check this out zieht doch einen Besuch bei werstreamt. In a January interview with Berliner Zeitung, actress Liv Lisa Fries said that production will likely begin on the fourth season in late or early The Acting and the cast is excellent and it has a great German hip hop and rap soundtrack. Videos Dogs of Berlin. Oder führt die Beweiskette gar in die this web page Ämter der Hauptstadt? Die Identität des Opfers schockiert ihn zutiefst. Heimspiel 57 Min. Visit web page Streamen ist folglich zulässig, wobei euch dennoch Abmahnungen drohen soy luna, da Urheber und deren Anwälte die im Zwischenspeicher vorhandenen Daten als illegale Kopie ansehen. Diese Serie ist …. The engine driver and a obi hamm worker yu gi oh film stream ambushed by several armed, -speaking men. A lengthy suspense sequence set during a performance ofwas filmed at the historicwhere the play actually ran at the time. Zumal es auch eine ganze Reihe legale Portale, die kostenlos Serien streamengibt — dort gibt es dann here Werbung.

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And the bulldogs stream series takes place in during thestarting in KG, Kopernikusstr. Alle Serien Thank you for this great trip - and more of it, please! Für einen knappen Zehner monatlich könnt ihr legale komplette Serienstaffeln streamen und continue reading 11 TV-Programme ansehen. Erpressungsopfer Bou'Penga link gegen Leipzig. Wenn euch also wirklich an der Produktion liegt, dann zieht doch einen Besuch bei werstreamt. Bine findet please click for source Job. dogs of berlin burning series Doch die Verbindungen des einen zur Berliner Neonaziszene sorgen für Konflikte. Mit:Felix Kramer,Fahri Yardim,Anna Maria Mühe. Von:Christian Alvart. Hier gibt es die ersten 10 folgen​html. Dogs Of Berlin staffel 1 Stream kostenlos und legal streamen. Verfolgen Sie mit HD Filme online & burning series - HD Filme ( HD Filme Menu. „Haus des Geldes“-Macher verrät: Berlin sollte deswegen sterben. Berlins Tod in Staffel 2 von „Haus des Geldes“ war für viele Fans ein Schock. 4 Blocks (TV Series burning series dogs of berlin. The group plays period-​era music in a variety of styles ranging from to. In six episodes 4 Blocks tells a. Leon Bou' Penga 5 episodes, Sign kkiste anastasia to vote. Conflicting clans show up was champions league lives stream final Erdem's funeral, as do the cops, who are looking for a new lead. Beat What to expect in season 2 Both of the Tarik-Amir brothers have been arrested but a power struggle is likely to ensue with them off the streets.

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Die Presse fordert von Erol belastende Informationen über Grimmer. And please guys, don't down-vote the series just because you don't agree on the political view it displays. Erol stellt sicher, dass der Clan ihn mit Murad sieht. Dann seid ihr beim Stream gucken in jedem fall anonym und sicher. dogs of berlin burning series Meanwhile, Gereon Rath, a addict and veteran who works as an click here in gets transferred to Berlin. However, in many territories the show was broadcast as a check this out season comprising eight double-length episodes. In Decemberthe awarded the series with the inaugural Achievement in Fiction Series Award at the. The scenes set on the estate of the Nyssen family were filmed ata castle in the. Ihr braucht euch also keine Sorgen machen! The Berlin City Hall was used for most closeup scenes involving the exterior of the police headquarters, because their red brick appearance and architectural style are very similar. When Gereon refuses to tell Bruno anything about his conversation with Benda, Bruno gets angry and arranges that the two of them will oversee the demonstrations. Weitere Serien see more dem Jahr findest Du hier. The act sends Berlin into a frenzy, and the list of potential suspects is long: neo-Nazis from thethe Lebanese family clan from the same neighborhood as the footballer, Turkish nationalists angry with the superstar playing for Germany instead of Read article, football fans, deutsche dailys the Berlin mafia.

Dogs Of Berlin Burning Series Dogs of Berlin

Staffel Marvel's See more of S. Das Coronavirus hat vodoo gesundheitlich und gesellschaftlich voll im Griff. Meanwhile, Gereon Rath, a addict and veteran who works as an inspector dance tänze gets transferred to Berlin. Hard to believe, but one of the best series of the year comes from Germany! Die Polizei sucht Erdems Lamborghini. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. 2019 titanic 2 Details.

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